Earth-Powered Heating for Rhinebeck, NY

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In pursuit of our mission to provide earth-powered heating and cooling, we recently announced a new initiative in partnership with Mayor Gary Bassett and the Village of Rhinebeck: to provide homeowners access to geothermal ground loops via the right of way.

Each home participating in the program would have its own set of loops, and the right of way will aid in getting each set of loops installed with exceptional efficiency.

The response has been overwhelming; we are thrilled by the enthusiasm we’re seeing across the community and the state of New York for affordable, clean home heating. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with questions and reached out to participate.

Caption: Right of way for the Village of Rhinebeck is 50 feet for local roads. The above image shows how, with a typical 26-foot local road, there are 12 feet remaining on each side of the road included in the right of way.


Now the real work begins. Dandelion and the Village of Rhinebeck will continue to work together closely over the coming year to define the details of the program, including the plans for timing, pricing, the installation process, and selecting locations for the right of way. In parallel, Dandelion will be readying our geothermal drilling technology.

To aid us in this effort, Dandelion has applied for a grant to build the next version of our custom drill and to thoroughly test it. Specific details of the Rhinebeck initiative will evolve along with our progress in building this technology. Once the drill is ready and the basic details of the initiative have been mapped out, we’ll engage with homeowners and the community for comments and feedback. Pending any revisions that result, we’ll be ready to bring a next-generation heating experience to Rhinebeck.  We will continue to post updates as the program takes shape.

Over the past century, homeowners have transitioned from heating primarily with wood and coal to methods such as fuel oil and propane. We can’t wait to see the Village of Rhinebeck leads the way forward from oil and propane to clean, inexpensive geothermal heating.

Now it’s time to get to work.

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